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What We Do

Asphalt And Paving Services

Asphalt And Paving Services

Your parking lot is the first thing customers, tenants and real-estate experts see. What does yours say? Working with Macadam Company increases the value of any property through skilled installations and repairs to parking lots.

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Concrete Services

Concrete Services

We specialize in custom commercial concrete services and solutions that look great. Our concrete customers rely on us to install curbs, drains, sidewalks, pads and storm inlets and more.

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Sealcoating And Pavement Markings

Sealcoating And Pavement Markings

Not all asphalt sealer products are created equal.  At Macadam, we’ve created a product that’s superior to any other design. Our mix ensures a long lasting coating to protect your pavement.

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After sun damage, a leading cause of parking lot failure is improper water drainage. Macadam can assist you in helping to keep water going in the right direction.

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It’s hard to find another asphalt specialist that has a team as good as ours. Each member of Macadams’ sales team has worked in the field; they’ve done the hot and hard work themselves.

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Solid Solutions You Can Park On

Welcome to Macadam Company

How do you become the preferred asphalt contractor in the Mid-Atlantic Region? Through honest work, attention to detail, exceptional customer service and respectful partnerships with your clients.

Since 1986, Macadam Company, Inc has been doing just that.

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Asphalt and Macadam, or is it McAdam?

Did you know that Asphalt covers almost 94 percent of the paved roads in the United States? It’s the surface of choice for parking lots, driveways, racetracks, airport runways, tennis courts; anywhere that a smooth, hard-wearing surface is required. Laying and repairing asphalt is one big aspect of what we

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The Asphalt Index

At Macadam, we get a lot of questions on “the Asphalt Index.” Here’s a brief summary of what it is and why it’s so important. What is the Asphalt Index? Asphalt is an oil-based product, and if you’ve been around the last few years, you know how the price of

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Factors that Affect a Paved Surface

Nothing lasts forever, and if you live anywhere near Macadam Company, Inc., then you’ve seen what a rough winter could do to a parking lot, asphalt or concrete area. Weather is just one factor that will affect your pavement’s lifecycle. Here’s some more! Initial design and construction: Every pavement structure

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Quick Questions (and Answers!) on your Newly Paved Surface!

It’s spring in the Northeast, and you know what that means… it’s time to fix your parking lot! Our crews (and machines) are ready to roll, but in the meanwhile, we thought we’d answer a few questions regarding a newly paved or sealed surface! How soon can I use my

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